Property Preservation

We offer comprehensive property preservation services to clients of all sizes. Our team of experienced professionals provide clients with the highest quality of service to ensure their assets are managed securely and effectively.


The state's asset management is working with a renowned leasing company to carry out REO operations nationwide, utilizing their highly skilled crews. Additionally, they are providing exceptional service and support to ensure the success of each project.

Property Inspection

The state's asset management department is conducting property inspections with a renowned leasing company and their top-notch crews. They are ensuring that the properties are up to standard and meet all the agreed-upon requirements.

Property Securing

The states asset management is securing property with a renowned USA leasing company and their experienced crews. They are providing the best service available.

About Us

The States Asset Management is a nationwide property management service that offers a wide range of services. Our services include property inspection, property preservation, REO, grass cutting, winterization, and asset management. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and are committed to helping our clients maximize their return on investment. With a team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide a superior service that ensures your property is in the best condition possible. We understand the importance of protecting your investments and take the necessary steps to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


Property preservation is one of the main services provided by TSAM in USA. Services such as property inspection, REO, repairing homes, debris removal, property securing and winterization are all tasks handled by the states asset management company.

Property Preservation

Managing, maintaining, and securing of a foreclosed property.

Property Inspection

Assessing the condition of the property and documenting the findings.


Conducting repairs and renovations to the property to ensure its marketability.

Repairing Home

Making necessary repairs and improvements to the property to ensure its marketability.

Debris Removal

Removing all debris from the property to make it ready for sale.

Property Securing

Making sure the property is safe and secure to protect it from theft or vandalism.

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Call today to learn more about how we can help you with your property preservation needs! Our experienced team of professionals is ready to provide the highest quality of service to ensure the security of your assets. Don't wait any longer - contact us now to get started!.


Property preservation is an essential part of the USA's asset management portfolio. This includes services such as property inspection, REO, repairing homes, debris removal, property securing, and winterization.

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Home Preservation

Home Preservation

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TSAM INC. team is highly experienced in home preservation REO and home securing, providing the best service possible. Their dedication to excellence makes them a top choice for asset management services.

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